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How To Get Rid of Dark Spots Sunspots and Age Spots On Your Face and Elsewhere

How To Get Rid of Dark Spots Sunspots and Age Spots On Your Face and Elsewhere

Dark Spot Removal Solution Available to People in Miami and South Florida with Cutera Excel V Laser

Just about everyone can find something they would like to improve about the way they look and often it’s some feature they’d like to get rid of. Many people in Miami South Florida and other high sun areas are affected by some kind of skin condition, either chronic or cosmetic, related to sun exposure. All those fun summer vacations baking in the sun can take their toll as we age in the form of dark pigmentation known as sunspots that appear as brown or dark spots on the face and skin. Although these brown spots can be viewed as a badge of honor and good times past for some, for others the reality is that these conditions can have a serious impact on quality of life, causing self-consciousness, embarrassment, or even depression. It often seems that nothing can make us feel our age more than “age spots”!

North Beach Vascular may have found that elusive Fountain of Youth! What if we told you there was a quick and easy way to reverse those visible signs of aging and sun damage? Depending on your skin tone, we can help you painlessly regain that youthful appearance and feel better when you look in the mirror by minimizing if not removing these dark spots whether they be on your face, nose or elsewhere.

Our amazing Cutera Excel V Laser System uses a high power green laser to target abnormal blood vessels and dark pigmentation in the skin. All those problem areas are essentially removed and your skin can once again be returned to its natural color and tone. This laser treatment and spot removal process is compatible with most patient’s individual skin condition no matter the size, which makes for incredibly precise and effective treatment regardless of how deep the problem area goes. And to make sure each patient is comfortable; Excel V uses an exclusive cooling mechanism that produces continuous cooling before, during and after the laser pulse. You won’t feel a thing!

You do not have to worry about the visible signs of aging or sun damage any longer South Florida. If you are bothered by unsightly sunspots, facial spider veins, age or brown spots or blemishes, call our Miami office now at (305) 504-8942 to ask us a question or schedule a consultation or you may use the form on this page above.

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