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3 Rules for Beautiful Legs and Preventing Varicose Veins and Leg Pain

3 Rules for Beautiful Legs and Preventing Varicose Veins and Leg Pain

3 Rules for Beautiful Legs and Preventing Varicose Veins and Leg Pain

As we age, activity levels can decrease for various reasons. This can cause leg tone to diminish and there is a significant chance to develop varicose veins and leg pain. Onset can happen rather suddenly if your lifestyle changes, you sustain an injury or your routine gets out of whack. Healthy legs are toned legs. Not just in appearance, but in vein health as well. Having healthy legs can be a bit of work, just like anything worth having!

We at North Beach Vascular and Aesthetics in Miami believes that vein disease and leg pain can be prevented with a few simple, yet important lifestyle alterations. These three “rules” are all related, and incredibly important if you want to stay pain free, and have healthy legs.

  1. Lose The Excess Weight: Very simply, eat better (and less) and move more. Staying lean is key in keeping your legs and your entire body healthy inside and out. There is no question that patients who carry a lot of excess weight, particularly belly fat, are much more prone to have severe and painful varicose vein disease. Think about what you can do to keep active. Start small and add ways to help increase your activity level that fit in with your day. Some suggestions are:
    1. Take a walk during your lunch break
    2. Park in the farthest part of the lot
    3. If you have access to a treadmill at work during the day, use it
    4. Take the stairs
    5. Purchase a balance ball to sit on at your desk instead of a chair to engage your core muscles and keep them active.

      For varicose veins, movement and blood flow is important. Here are some additional tips:

    • Do not to stand in one place too long.
    • Be active in how you posture yourself keeping your legs and muscles moving by shifting your weight back-and-forth between feet
    • Flex and unflex your muscles
    • Standing on tip toes and back down to flat feet.
    • Do some knee pulls.

And of course, eat healthier. Lean towards fruits and vegetables instead of heavy breads, cheeses and meats, and smaller portions. Keep your diet in balance and combined with more movement, you should see results that work for your better overall health.

  1. Avoid High Impact Exercise: Moving and sweating is great for your overall health; your heart, lungs and weight. But if you want healthy legs avoid regular high impact exercises. Running, though widely touted as a very healthy activity, has some major drawbacks. Specifically long distance running on cement is very hard on the joints, hips, knees, and especially vein health. If you are a diehard runner here are a few suggestions to reduce the impact. Run on a treadmill as it is a softer surface, or try trail, beach or grass running. But for the rest of us, there are plenty of great ways to get exercise and build leg tone and endurance without running.  Low impact alternatives are race-walking, incline walking on treadmills or if you live in a hilly area, elliptical machines, yoga and other sorts of aerobic exercise that you might find in a gym.
  1. Build Leg Muscle Tone : Maintaining good muscle tone cannot be overemphasized and the very best way to do this is with weight training. Hire a personal trainer who can show you various simple exercises that you can utilize throughout the day or devote some time daily to practicing without injury. Adding weight to lunges and squats, practicing yoga and pilates all help build leg tone. Try not to let yourself become sedentary even if you sustain an injury. Find ways to keep your muscles moving whether with physical therapy, pool work or other avenues. It will be work but the benefits will outweigh the difficulty. And like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

By following these three simple rules you’ll be well on your way towards maintaining a healthy body, and healthy good-looking and pain free legs.

If you are concerned about the appearance of varicose or spider veins on your legs or continue to experience leg pain and would like to explore your options and get a medical evaluation, contact Dr. Gropper at North Beach Vascular at (305) 957-7277 or fill out the form on this page to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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